about (1)Authentic. Locally sourced. All created from family recipes and traditions.

We’ve been in the restaurant business for over twenty years. And we realized that this area was missing out on the fresh, authentic and healthy Mediterranean cuisine that is our passion. Our life. So we created the Simply Fresh Mediterranean Grill. Our vision is that every meal we serve is as delicious, flavorful and nutritious at the meals we serve at home.

Sam’s Rules:

  • Only the freshest local produce. When you see us at the Farmer’s Market, say hi.
  • Put authentic flavors center stage. We never over season. With the freshest ingredients, we don’t have to.
  • Use family recipes that have been handed down for generations.
  • Create new dishes with contemporary flair.
  • Mediterranean food is naturally healthy – keep it that way.
  • Make everything from scratch – because nobody makes it as good as we do.
  • Treat every guest like family.

We would love to have everyone over our house for Sunday night dinner. But since that’s not really possible, we opened a restaurant.